TD Bank Personal Loans: Explore Your Personal Loan Options

Personal loans are unsecured. This basically means that when the time comes and you have to return the loan amount at an interest, you can fail. But, your assets and anything that you own will not be held as collateral by the lender. With personal loans, lenders simply cannot seize your property if you were to fail at paying back on time. While they can opt for legal actions, let’s explore your personal loan options; TD Bank personal loans

TD Bank

TD Bank is actually a product of various mergers including different number of companies. This merger started back in 2000. After four years of the beginning of its operations, Toronto Dominion Bank became one of its major shareholder. This allowed TD Bank to become a national chartered bank in United States of America.

TD Bank provides you standard bank services such as accounts, credit cards, and loans as well. TD Bank personal loans come with a variety of perks that you can explore and be happy with!

TD Bank personal loans

TD Bank Personal Loans

There are two types of options that you have when it comes to TD Bank personal loans. You can opt for secured or unsecured personal loans. The difference only lies in collateral that is or is not required for insurance by the bank. Unsecured personal loan does not require a collateral. But there is a limited amount that you can borrow as an unsecured personal loan. You can opt for any type of personal loans for debt consolidation, education, unexpected payments, house renovation, vacation and so on. The unsecured personal loan has an APR of 8.99% to 14.99%, whereas the secured personal loan comes with an APR of 6.42%.

The payment plans remain the same for both and the time period of plans can lie under 12 months to 60 months. You do not have to pay an origination fee for unsecured personal loans. But for secured personal loans you must pay $50.

TD Bank Personal Loans

You get five repayment options without any prepayment penalty. This online lending company offers you these plans with both types of personal loans. This makes  TD Bank personal loans your best choice.

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