RocketLoans Personal Loans For an Easier Life

When it comes to loans, you mainly have two types of personal loans; unsecured and secured. With unsecured personal loans, your property is not held at collateral when you are unable to pay on the due date of your loan agreement. Secured personal loans on the other hand required security for the lender in terms of your assets as collateral. But, you can opt for a larger sum of loan. So, RocketLoans personal loans can be explored as your option to see how their personal loans can be for your benefit.

RocketLoans Personal Loans

RocketLoans Personal Loans offer you unsecured personal loans if you are a candidate with a good credit and you are a near-prime borrower. With its sister company, Quicken loans which is known as Rocket Mortgage for its online portal, RocketLoans appeals to similar category of candidates.

RocketLoans Personal Loans

Rocket Loans Personal Loans Are a good fit

If you have a minimum credit score is 640, you will be eligible for a loan. But, the borrowers of RocketLoans usually have a higher score. Similarly, you need to provide at least two years of your credit history to make your case stronger. Your salary should be at least $24,000 per year. However, an average borrower of RocketLoans personal loans earns an amount of $78,000 per year.

RocketLoans Personal Loans specifications

So, the term period of RocketLoans personal loans is about twelve months (1 years). You are allowed to borrow an amount that is between the numbers of $2,000 to $35,000. On the loan you can get an APR that will be within the range of $5.98% to 28.99%. What’s best about RocketLoans personal loans is that once you are approved, you can get your loan in about twenty-four hours. Like many lending companies, RocketLoans also charges you an origination fee that is 1% to 6% of the loan amount you specify.

RocketLoans Personal Loans

RocketLoans Personal Loans contact

IF you are a US citizen or a permanent resident, you can apply for RocketLoans personal loans. You must also be above the age of eighteen. You can either visit their website or visit a local branch of RocketLoans. Other than that, you can contact them at 800-333-7625.

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