PNC Bank Personal Loan: Your Review Right Here

PNC Bank has about 2,800 branches in the nineteen states of America. This makes PNC America’s fifth largest bank. Most of its headquarters are located on the Northeast side of America with its branches in the Eastern side of America. Now, if you are someone who wishes to find a source for trustworthy loan, PNC Bank personal loan should be your definite choice. PNC Bank offers both; secured and unsecured loans. We will be exploring PNC Bank personal loan in this section.

PNC Bank personal loan qualifies as an unsecured loan. Unsecured personal loans basically do not hold any of your assets as collateral when it comes to the late payment of loan with interest. This means that you as a client will have a very less of a risk of being troubled by your lender. However, the lenders can opt for court measures to hold you at penalty for late return of loans.

PNC Bank Personal Loan

PNC Bank personal loan allows clients to borrow an amount that can lie between $1,000 to $25,000 at various terms. These terms include 6 months and go up to five years. PNC Bank personal loan has an APR fixed for an amount you will borrow. For example, borrowing $5,000 brings you an APR between 9.49% to 21.99%, for $10,000 the APR is from 6.74% to 19.24% and so on.

PNC Bank Personal Loan

Applying for a loan with a bank can be time consuming when you compare it with an online based lender. Banks simply require thorough documentations. PNC Bank personal loan application, on the other hand, only takes about fifteen minutes online. Still, the APR amount on your loan is higher than many other loan options when compared with other online lenders. However, if you are undergoing hard times, PNC Bank allows you to defer the payments in accordance to your case. Just contact PNC without any delays to make your case stronger.

For application of PNC Bank personal loan, you need the following documents and you will be ready to receive your loan:

PNC Bank Personal Loan

  • A photo ID
  • Source of income and the amount of annual income
  • Your employer information (current)
  • Your type, proof and address of residence
  • If your loan has a co-applicant, provide their information as well.

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