Ascend Consumer Finance: The RateRewards Program


Ascend Consumer Finance has been operating since 2015 with the main objective of changing the world of personal loans. They specifically focus on individuals with low credit scores who need financial assistance and improve their FIFCO status. Ascend Consumer Finance has a program called RateRewards that incentivizes the settling of debts, depositing savings and limiting the use of credit.


Requirements of the Ascend Consumer Finance RateRewards Program

If you meet the requirements of the RateRewards program then you are eligible for a one-time deduction in the monthly interest repayment. The more consistent you are at paying back the lender the higher is the percentage of discount. Ascend Consumer Finance allows its customers to save up to 50 percent every month on the interest amount if they keep meeting the RateRewards terms. However, because of the rules of the program the customer can only avail the 50 percent discount once. For all other months different amounts of discounts are offered based on their spending history.


How to Apply for the Ascend Consumer Finance RateRewards Program

Ascend Consumer Finance has an online application for the RateRewards program and it also offers quick decisions. If the applicant gets approved then they can receive the loaned amount within 24 hours. The loan spans over 3 years.

The eligibility criterion is as follows:

  • Applicant should be at least 18 years old
  • Provide verification name, email address, date of birth as well as social security number
  • Independent annual income of at least $35k
  • Minimum FIFCO score of 580
  • 3 months of good credit history with no bankruptcies
  • Primary checking account at least 3 months old

taking loan

Ascend Consumer Finance lends amounts ranging from $2,600 up to $12,500 with a fixed annual percentage rate anywhere between 27 and 36 percent. There is no additional application fee, prepayment fee, origination fee or membership fee. However, Ascend Consumer Finance does charge interest and a late payment fee.

The RateRewards program is currently only available to individuals from the States of Alabama, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, Illinois and California.

Auto Loans for Private Sellers With Bad Credit: How To



If you wish to finance your vehicle with the help of various reliable private auto loans you can always look at the internet to get the information you need. During that period, you might just decide to purchase a vehicle from your neighbour, friend or family member. But during that time, you just might not be able to pay the required amount on time. In such a case, you have the option of getting auto loans for private sellers with bad credit. And we will give you further information on it.

Auto Loans for Private Sellers with bad credit

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Since the automobile industry has recently gone through various financial issues, various lenders have begun to follow the popular norm of preferring private sellers or public sellers with good credit. This really limits the options of auto loans for private sellers with bad credit. And if you are one such person, you just might find it hard to get your hands on private auto loans. Still, there is hope and you can get auto loans for private sellers with bad credit. The requirement for this procedure is very basic. To qualify for auto loans for private sellers with bad credit, you must:

  • Be of legal age
  • Provide your SSN
  • Should be with your current employer for six months at least
  • Earn a sum specified by lender
  • Stay at your current residence for at least six months
  • Should not have a bankruptcy record
  • Should not indulge in foreclosure

The credit scores will also be specified by your lender because these always determine your chance of getting a loan and the APR you will be paying. The higher your scores are; the lesser APR you have to pay. You will usually notice that the process of applying for auto loans for private sellers with bad credit includes various online companies, dealers and lenders. The cash arranged for you is quick and comes from a reliable source once your application is approved.

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The policies are, however, quite strict and the qualification requirements are double checked before you get your loan.

Bank of the West Personal Loans To Get You Going!

bank of west


Bank of the West dates back as far as 1874. It originated in California, United States of America. Beginning as National Gold bank for farmers, today Bank of the West has grown and become one of the largest bank in America. This bank operates in about twenty-two states of America and offers a wide variety of best quality services. One such service includes personal loans.

bank of the west

Bank of the West Personal Loans

First of all, you must be aware that there are two types of personal loans. The unsecured personal loans include no collateral should you fail to make your payment on time. Whereas, secured personal loans include a collateral in form of your assets. However, the amount of loan can increase to as much range as you specify. Regardless, Bank of the West personal loans includes both.

Bank of the West Personal loans application

personal loan

In order to apply for a personal loan with Bank of the West, you need to have a TTN and an SSN with you. Along with that if you are filling an application for a personal line of credit loan, you should also provide information about your assets. Your employment record is also important and necessary. So, you should provide information relating to the last two years and further details about your income. If you have had any debts previously, you must provide that as well.

Bank of the West Personal Loan Types

The Bank of the West personal loans include further types as well. You can get secured loans, unsecured loans and personal credit cards for loans as well. While we have previously mentioned the first two types, let’s talk about personal credit cards.

bank of west

Personal credit cards include a range of loan from about $5,000 up to half a million dollars. Though, this types of loan are very easy and quick to pay back. The personal credit cards loan is available whenever required by the borrower but the loans must be returned by the next month on your payday. Still, they do not include any APR so you are simply only paying back what you had previously borrowed.

How Reverse Mortgage in California Works

Reverse Mortgage in California

If you’re new to the topic of reverse mortgage in California, but wish to proceed ahead with it, then firstly you should know what reverse mortgage is. In simple terms, reverse mortgage is a financial agreement in which a homeowner relinquishes equity in their home, in exchange for regular payments. So, if you are looking into reverse mortgage in California, then here are a few things you need to know before making any attempts at it.

Mortgage in California Works

How a Reverse Mortgage in California Works

Only individuals who are at least 62 years old and have equity in their home are eligible to take advantage of a reverse mortgage in California. The house does not have to be completely paid off to take out a reverse mortgage, and the homeowner does not need to give up the title of the house. A reverse mortgage gives the lender a sum of tax-free money from their existing home equity. As with any loan, the borrower may be responsible for paying some fees and closing costs when they take out a reverse mortgage.

While drawing on a reverse mortgage in California, the borrower still needs to pay normal property taxes and insurance on the home. Unlike a traditional loan, the interest is not due on a reverse mortgage until the borrower sells or moves out of the home. If the borrower passes away before the reverse mortgage is paid off, the lender will be repaid from the remaining value of the estate. The debt will not be passed on to heirs, and other assets will not be affected.

Reverse Mortgage in California Works


Types of Reverse Mortgages

  • FHA-insured mortgage: A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) product.
  • Lender- or privately-insured mortgages: These are known as “proprietary” products, but such products are not currently available.
  • Uninsured mortgage products offered by a financial institution or a licensed lender: Again, proprietary products are currently not available.

Reverse Mortgage in California

Regular mortgages can be difficult to understand with all of the taxes and interest over lifetime of the loan. Those in the older demographic might have trouble understanding all the facets of a reverse mortgage in California. Under California law it is required that the lender provides a list of counselors that are nonprofit to discuss the risks and details of a reverse mortgage.

The lender actually is not allowed to accept a finished reverse mortgage application without the borrower acknowledging that they have received counseling. This has helped reduce cases of misunderstanding as well as family of the borrower saying that the lender took advantage of them. In January of 2015 California amended this to change the previous checklist provided to be replaced with a worksheet. This worksheet would go over certain scenarios like what happens after dying with a reverse mortgage or what might happen if you suddenly have to move out.

California also requires a seven-day cool off period from the time the reverse mortgage counseling is completed before any cost can be occurred by a borrower such as ordering the appraisal.

Financial Tips for College Students: Finance 101

student loan


Remember that life after graduation and even life during your college years is going to be tough. You have to begin being adult and practice saving so you can get by each day easily. Now, you can make smart choices and you do not even have to compromise on the things you would want. Because, with our financial tips for college students you will have a constant back up.

essential financial tips for students

Financial Tips for College Students

First of all, you have to be very careful with your credit amount. If you go the mall and see a shirt that you really like, you have the option to get it later. The point is, you should think twice before making payments you cannot afford during the middle of the month to have a cool appeal that will fade away. Because your credit card already comes with a high interest and an annual fee that restricts your freedom of spending.

Financial Tips for College Students

Moving on with our financial tips for college students, you will save yourself some stress if you just stick to a budget each month. You need to create your own budget depending on how much you earn. You do not need to go into weird lengths of details for them. Just make you save at least one third of the pay check. If not, 10 percent of your pay check into savings will take you a long way to.

As a student, you must be aware of your student perks. This is essential out of all our financial tips for college students! You do not need to pay full or extra price on food items, cinema tickets and so on. These companies always have deals for students and younger demographics to attract them. So, take advantage and save up!

loan for students

In your college years, your textbooks are going to be really expensive. And, you do not need to pay for them at all. Go to your library, go to an old book store, search the internet for eBook or talk to your professor. This will save you thousands of dollars by the end of your graduation.

Credit Card Personal Loans Can Get You Out of a Stick Spot!

Personal Loans

Credit Card Personal Loans

personal loan
These days so many people need a little more money to make ends meet every month and thus they find themselves in tricky spots when the next pay cheque has not come in yet but the bills are due and groceries need to be bought. This is where Credit Card Personal Loans come in; to make your life a lot easier since you might be a little uneasy with charging items to your credit card because you will not be able to pay the mounting bill but with the option of a personal loans you can do that with ease.
Credit Card Personal Loans are loans which help you pay off your pressing obligations of credit card payments which if left unpaid can cause a lot of problems for you. There are tons of options for you to avail different kinds of Credit Card Personal Loans and you can choose the option which suits and fits your needs best.

What are Credit Card Personal Loans

credit card personal loans

Almost everyone especially those who are just starting out in the real world after school, have faced the issue where they have gotten way in over their head with their credit card bill and have to pay it immediately. This is where Credit Card Personal Loans come in; you can get a personal loan to pay off your pressing credit card bill and slowly pay off the personal loan as well.

Specifics about Credit Card Personal Loans

These loans usually have a very low interest rate on them, definitely lower than that of your credit card. When you do not pay your credit card bill on time, the money you owe starts to go up as time passes thus it is better to take out a personal loan so you can pay back your credit card bill and then pay back the loan you took slowly and usually these have a lower interest rate thus are not hard to pay back.

How to Get a Credit Card Personal Loans

loan approved
Most banks and credit institutions give personal loans. Talk to your own bank or other local banks about their personal loan options and choose the one best for you and your specific needs.

Elephant Car Insurance Caters To Your Needs


When you shop for car insurance, you have to have the proper information about which deal you are going to get yourself into. If in case you make a wrong decision, it just might be troublesome for you till you go the extra mile to take care of it. One recommended car insurance comes from Elephant car insurance. Elephant car insurance is a subsidiary company of Admiral Group which is one of the largest auto insurer baes in the United Kingdom.  Not only does in operate in Europe but is offers insurances in United States of America as well but its reach is currently limited to Virginia, Texas, Maryland, and Illinois.

elephant auto insurance

Elephant Car Insurance

Elephant car insurance also provides renters, life, ATV, Condo, motorcycle, homeowners and further insurance categories. When you get a policy by Elephant car insurance, there are various good points that you can come across. You can get a 24/7 Claims services through telephone or their online portal. You have the ability to purchase policies that can only last for about twelve months. You can manage your policies anytime through your online access and with that, you can get quotes online within seconds and minutes because their services are potentially fast!

girl sitting with car

Discounts with Elephant Car Insurance

You will be sold when you discover that there are various discount points that can help you with saving your money on your car insurance. You can get a premium that reaches up to forty percent. The following are some of the discounts you can get:

  • You can achieve a good student discount
  • You can achieve paid in full discount
  • Go for paperless discount
  • Electronic signature discount
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Responsible driver discount
  • Twelve percent discount for online quoting

insured car

In order to learn more about Elephant car insurance and provide them your case, you can contact them as well. If you are an American resident who resides in Virginia, Texas, Maryland, or Illinois, you can visit their website easily to find more about their insurance offerings and receive suitable insurance quotes. Otherwise, you can call them at 1-855-ELEPHANT for inquiry through customer services. If you wish to email them instead, you send an email on

Save Money on Auto Insurance With These Methods!



If you are driving your vehicle without any insurance, we will advise you to get yourself a car insurance before you move on ahead. Because a vehicle insurance will help you save up on bills. While car insurance is smart and prudent, in a way it can increase your expense when you drive. But, you should review what your car insurance covers and renew it on time to make sure your insurance and your needs match. However, how to you save money on auto insurance then? Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

secure car

Save money on auto insurance

Save money on auto insurance

  • One method that can suit you best is shopping for your car insurance. This just means that you need to look through at least three quotes before you decide which insurance goes hands in hands with you. You can get this information through the insurance company’s agents, the independent insurance agents, through their customer services line or by reading about them online.
  • In order to save money on auto insurance, you also need to understand your auto insurance so you can ask your auto insurer some prospective questions. The other end should take time to answer your question. If you are not clear by the end or if you are not satisfied, its best if you leave the insurance halfway. This will help you select the right insurance company for yourself.
  • If you are about to buy a new car, we will give you a wise tip to help you save money on auto insurance. Before you buy a brand new car, just compare the insurance costs first. Your auto insurance premiums also involve your car’s price. Meaning they are adjusted accordingly. They will then calculate how much money it will cost them to repair your vehicle, check the safety record as well. Your insurers will also offer you benefits that will help you decrease your risk of car theft, personal injuries and so on. So, its best if you compare the costs of insurance while you are at comparing the cost of old or new cars for your purchase.

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These three tips should help you save money on auto insurance

Get Payday Loan At Your Convenience Now!

Get payday loan


You never know when emergencies can arrive. You just might be having a nice month where you are able to spend money on your hangouts with your friends, you might be able to afford your tuition fee or you might be able to afford your rent. But, next month onwards, things could have the chances of getting really tough. So, what method should you apply in order to get yourself out of the financial distress? Well, one successful way is to get payday loan and return it when you are financially stable. So, let’s look more into it.

payday loan

Payday Loan

Payday loans are also known as payday advance loan, salary loan, short term loan or cash advance loan. When you get payday loan, it usually lasts for a short-term and payday loans are mainly unsecured. That means the payment of your loan is not related to your assets. Usually, these cash advances are given to you against a line of credit such as your credit card.

payday loan

In order to get payday loan, the process usually relies on your employment records and your payroll (previous). Some lenders even apply a limited annual percentage rate on your payday loan to increase security. The loan process includes repaying the loan till the borrower’s upcoming payday (salary). So, that’s where the confirmation of employment rolls in. To get payday loan, you can visit a local payday store and get a small cash loan. Your return payment is to be paid in total when you get your next paycheck. Usually a check is given to the lender to secure the return when you get payday loan.

How To Get Payday Loan

How To Get Payday Loan

One reliable source where you can get payday loan is Speedy Cash. They understand that you will be needing your cash fast and so, they make your application very convenient and fast. It operates in America, mainly. You can contact them for a payday loan through their website. They give you an option to apply online. With that, you can find a local Speedy Cash store nearby you. Or you can also apply for a payday loan by calling them on 1-888-333-1360.

LendingTree Auto Loans: A Good Deal!

Lending Tree Personal Loan


LendingTree is basically one of the best loan matching service. This means it helps borrowers connect with a wide network of lenders, nationwide. It just helps you with applying for your loan amount at a quicker and convenient pace through the LendingTree online portal for application. There are various types of loans you can get from this company. But, we are going to be mentioning LendingTree Auto Loans here.

lending tree


LendingTree was discovered back in 1996. With technological advancement, LendingTree has now become an online broker with a wide experience in its field. It offers you competitively lower prices from other brokers. LendingTree offers its clients business, auto and student loans. With that they also offer credit card deals and increase your credit scores.

lending documents

LendingTree Auto Loans

Now if you will opt for LendingTree Auto loans; the company offers you auto purchase, lease buyout, and refinance options if you are in search of a new vehicle. On your loans, LendingTree offers you lower interst rates as well. The term a loan is offered for varies between eighteen to eighty-four months for purchase and refinance categories. So, if you are applying for LendingTree auto loans for a new car, your APR rates can vary between 1.85% for thirty-six-month loan to 3.19% for a sixty month loans. Whereas a refinance loan’s APR ranges between 1.99% for twenty-four-month loan to 2.49% for an eighty-four-month period loan.

LendingTree auto loans Qualifications

If you wish to borrow from LendingTree, you must be above the legal age of eighteen to compare rates from various lenders and get your loan approved within the period of twenty-four hours. Your credit score range for qualification of the loan will be determined by your lender and varies from lender to lender. The company does not specify any minimum age and you do not have to have a US citizenship to get approved for your loan. Just make sure you have your social security number.

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You can get in touch with LendingTree auto loans through their website or by visiting their headquarters address 11115 Rushmore Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28277. You can also call them at (866)501-2397.