LendingTree Personal Loans for Individuals with a Poor Credit History

Most people who have credit score lower than 620 have a hard time finding a lender that will approve their application. For those who have no assets for collateral the situation is even worse. However, there are solutions to the problem. The LendingTree personal loans are open to people with bad credit scores and no liquid assets.


Some people require extra cash and their credit cards are too expensive for those purchases then the best option is to go for LendingTree personal loans. The loaned amount can be used to pay off debts, cover a family member’s medical bills or take on a home improvement project. Often times a loan is also taken to improve your credit score.

What are LendingTree Personal Loans?

These personal loans are unsecured loans which let an individual borrow money without keeping any asset as collateral. The interest rates offered on these LendingTree personal loans are usually lower than those charged by credit card companies therefore, the borrower ends up saving money.

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The amount you can borrow through the LendingTree personal loans are in the range of $1,000 and $35,000. This can be used to pay for a vacation or a great, big wedding reception. There are many additional financial tools available on the LendingTree website and their entire loan application is online which can be filled out and submitted in less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of the LendingTree Personal Loans

It is usually very hard to find an unsecured loan for a borrower with a poor credit score and the ones you do manage to find have high default rates. However, the LendingTree personal loans overcome all these issues and offer the best APRs in the market.

The LendingTree personal loans not only provide you with financial capital but also allow you to improve your existing credit score. The additional line of credit with monthly payments is reported to the federal credit bureaus for reevaluation. By submitting timely payments an individual can raise their credit score and also benefit from the loaned amount they are receiving on a regular basis.

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