Company Capital Small Business Loans: Not Your Typical Lender

The traditional business loans have been revolutionized by the Company Capital small business loans. The lender finances companies based on their sales revenue rather than credit history. There are three different loan options based on the size and type of the business.

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Types of Company Capital Small Business Loans

Term Loans

This is similar to the loans offered by banks but it has less strict eligibility criteria and a faster process. Company Capital small business loans have a 90% approval rate and forward the decision within 1-2 days. The cash flow can also be managed with ease through daily or weekly payments. A small fixed amount is deducted from the bank account at the end of every week or day therefore there is no large lump sum to be paid at the end of each month.

Cash Line

For a long-term solution with continuous access to the working capital this Company Capital small business loans option is the most suitable one. It is similar to a line of credit where a person can withdraw cash as the need arises and pay it back without any penalties.

cash line

Merchant Cash Advance

This is the most flexible option out of all three and it allows the client to choose their own rate. The rate is based on a percentage of the daily sales amount which they can manage. The number of months over which the amount is to be repaid is also decided by the borrower. The total cost of the loan is determined by these two factors. These Company Capital small business loans are designed for businesses with short-term expenses such as inventory procurement.

Why You Should Choose Company Capital Small Business Loans

For the best rates from a direct funder, Company Capital is your best bet. Since there is no “middle-man” involved they can save up on the commissions and pass it on in the form of favorable rates to their borrowers.

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Other than that the terms on the Company Capital small business loans are also flexible since the customer selects everything according to their business model and financial situation.

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