Citibank Student Loan Consolidation: Educate Yourself Now!


Previously education was affordable for a wide variety of the US population. However, in recent years the college tuition funds have gone up quite dramatically. The average increase in tuition fee has reached 51 percent in institutions where you get your degrees in four years. Even the economic downfalls of the nation have had no impact on college fee. Such changes have caused various students to drop out as well. But we have a good news: Citibank student loan consolidation. Now, you do not need to give up on your dreams.

Citibank Student Loan Consolidation

There are various student loans that you can apply for. However, many of them will come with a very unhealthy plan. And, instead of enjoying your life after graduation, you will be stuck in the continuous cycle of returning your student loans. Student loans basically allow you to  pay your tuition fee by loaning it and then you return the loan with an interest that comes at a suitable rate.

Citibank Student Loan

The Citibank student loan consolidation is one of your best options when you have to pay for your college fee. The Citibank student loan consolidation comes at a very low APR when you compare it with other packages. The bank does not charge you any application fee or holds your assets accountable as payment delay penalty. You do not have to repay your loan during the four years of your education. Instead, the Citibank student loan consolidation period starts after you have graduated. And if you are unable to receive a suitable employment, you have the option of deferring your loan payments.

Citibank Students

With Citibank student loan consolidation, you have access to CitiAssist that is offered to all undergraduate students and it helps cover all of your college costs. The loan will let you borrow about $120,000 and more and you get a period of fifteen years to pay it all back. If you wish to increase your loan to $150,000 your repayment period is extended to twenty years’ maximum. The Citibank student loan separately lets you borrow about $180,000 that lets you take bar exams as well. Those enrolled in medical related degrees can get a loan worth $275,000 as well.

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