Financial Tips for College Students: Finance 101

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Remember that life after graduation and even life during your college years is going to be tough. You have to begin being adult and practice saving so you can get by each day easily. Now, you can make smart choices and you do not even have to compromise on the things you would want. Because, with our financial tips for college students you will have a constant back up.

essential financial tips for students

Financial Tips for College Students

First of all, you have to be very careful with your credit amount. If you go the mall and see a shirt that you really like, you have the option to get it later. The point is, you should think twice before making payments you cannot afford during the middle of the month to have a cool appeal that will fade away. Because your credit card already comes with a high interest and an annual fee that restricts your freedom of spending.

Financial Tips for College Students

Moving on with our financial tips for college students, you will save yourself some stress if you just stick to a budget each month. You need to create your own budget depending on how much you earn. You do not need to go into weird lengths of details for them. Just make you save at least one third of the pay check. If not, 10 percent of your pay check into savings will take you a long way to.

As a student, you must be aware of your student perks. This is essential out of all our financial tips for college students! You do not need to pay full or extra price on food items, cinema tickets and so on. These companies always have deals for students and younger demographics to attract them. So, take advantage and save up!

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In your college years, your textbooks are going to be really expensive. And, you do not need to pay for them at all. Go to your library, go to an old book store, search the internet for eBook or talk to your professor. This will save you thousands of dollars by the end of your graduation.

With LendEDU Student Loan, Students can Find the Perfect Option for them!

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LendEDU Student Loan

These days the costs of getting a higher education are getting steeper and steeper. This is why a majority of students off to college find themselves in need of financing options since they cannot afford to pay the college fees and other expenses on their own. In recent years, the option of student loans has gained a lot of popularity and is a popular option for most students who are setting off to college. Most banks and other institutions these days offer loans and at times it can be a tad bit overwhelming trying to find the student loan option which fits your specific needs the best.


This is where LendEDU Student Loan comes in; the company is dedicated to making this stressful times in a students life much easier with their various services and offers which target students specifically.

Specifics about LendEDU Student Loan

LendEDU Student Loan

With LendEDU Student Loan you have the option to refinance a student loan you have already taken out but are having trouble paying back or you can either get a new student loan through LendEDU Student Loan options which matches students to financiers who can offer them the perfect loan for their specific needs.

At times you might want to refinance a loan to take advantage of a better situation and make it easier for yourself; this is where LendEDU Student Loan comes in since they also give you options on how to refinance your loan and where to do it from.

How to Get a LendEDU Student Loan

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It is incredibly simple to get a LendEDU Student Loan. All you need to do is go to their website and fill out the application with all your details and once you have done so, the people at LendEDU will match you up with a lender that is offering a loan that it best for your needs specifically.

 About LendEDU

LendEDU began as a start up by a few smart students at the University of Delaware. The students were initially angling to start a company which help students find tutors but then focused their resources on fine tuning the idea for LendEDU. Their idea for LendEDU ended up gaining a lot of financing and is doing incredibly well today.

Bank of America Student Loans is here to excel you in life

Bank of America used to be one of the biggest services for Federal Student credits. In any case, as of late, all government advances are presently offered just through the Direct Loan Program by the Department of Education. Bank of America additionally settled on the charming choice to end its private student advances. Know more about Bank of America Student Loans.

What Student Loans Does Bank of America Offer?

Nonetheless, the credits that were once offered by Bank of America will be examined beneath. On the off chance that you are a present student borrower. Or in the event that Bank of America chooses to begin reissuing student advances sooner rather than later. If it’s not too much trouble remember, right now, understudies can’t acquire new credits from Bank of America. Look at the credits that Bank of America Student Loans were once offered by utilizing the rundown underneath.

Private Bank of America Student Loan

These credits were offered to understudies who had neglected money related need subsequent to tolerating government student financing. Bank of America Student Loans considered the student’s record as a consumer when choosing whether to grant these student advances to candidates.

  • Get the Money You Need for School for Bank of America Student Loans
  • Focused Rates for Bank of America Student Loans
  • 3 Repayment Plans of Bank of America Student Loans
  • Simple Application to be filled of Bank of America Student Loans

Why to apply for Bank of America Student Loans?

Furthermore, Bank of America Student Loans sum that the student fit the bill for depended on their credit value. Candidates had the alternative of adding a cosigner keeping in mind the end goal to enable them to meet all requirements for a superior financing cost or a higher advance sum.

These advances are like advances you would get from a bank in the event that you were looking for an individual credit extension. Bank of America isolated the credits into two fundamental classifications: non-affirmed student advances and ensured student advances.


Does Bank of America Student Loans offer Additional Benefits for Students?

Indeed! In spite of stopping Bank of America Student Loans program, there is a bit of the Bank of America site that is as yet devoted to giving student advance counsel to borrowers. For instance, one advantage they give is an area about getting ready for school. This talks about how to apply for student advances and what you have to comprehend about the FAFSA frame, which you should use to see whether you meet all requirements for any government financing.

About Bank of America

Bank of America (BOA) was established in 1904, under the name Bank of Italy. In 1930, the Bank’s name was changed to Bank of America. BOA is headquartered in the pleasant town of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is one of the biggest banks in the United States, in light of the quantity of advantages it holds. Truth be told, there are more than 5,000 physical bank areas through this organization. Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase are the three fundamental adversaries of BOA. Bank of America offers clients a wide range of monetary administrations. For instance, they offer charge cards, checking and bank accounts, automobile credits, student advances and considerably more!

Citibank Student Loan Consolidation: Educate Yourself Now!



Previously education was affordable for a wide variety of the US population. However, in recent years the college tuition funds have gone up quite dramatically. The average increase in tuition fee has reached 51 percent in institutions where you get your degrees in four years. Even the economic downfalls of the nation have had no impact on college fee. Such changes have caused various students to drop out as well. But we have a good news: Citibank student loan consolidation. Now, you do not need to give up on your dreams.

Citibank Student Loan Consolidation

There are various student loans that you can apply for. However, many of them will come with a very unhealthy plan. And, instead of enjoying your life after graduation, you will be stuck in the continuous cycle of returning your student loans. Student loans basically allow you to  pay your tuition fee by loaning it and then you return the loan with an interest that comes at a suitable rate.

Citibank Student Loan

The Citibank student loan consolidation is one of your best options when you have to pay for your college fee. The Citibank student loan consolidation comes at a very low APR when you compare it with other packages. The bank does not charge you any application fee or holds your assets accountable as payment delay penalty. You do not have to repay your loan during the four years of your education. Instead, the Citibank student loan consolidation period starts after you have graduated. And if you are unable to receive a suitable employment, you have the option of deferring your loan payments.

Citibank Students

With Citibank student loan consolidation, you have access to CitiAssist that is offered to all undergraduate students and it helps cover all of your college costs. The loan will let you borrow about $120,000 and more and you get a period of fifteen years to pay it all back. If you wish to increase your loan to $150,000 your repayment period is extended to twenty years’ maximum. The Citibank student loan separately lets you borrow about $180,000 that lets you take bar exams as well. Those enrolled in medical related degrees can get a loan worth $275,000 as well.

Huntington Banks Student Loans: Know The Perks



The tuition fee for today’s day and age has hit the roof. Getting an education has become an investment and a business which mainly defeats its purpose. Due to high fee payment requirements then, you may find it easier to drop out than continue. But, there are options that you can explore now. One such popular option includes student loans. And while we mention that, we must tell you all about Huntington Banks Student loans.

Huntington Banks Student Loans

Huntington Banks Student Loans are one the most affordable and easy to get loan programs. Enrolling in colleges brings various financial troubles that many of us are aware of. And so the Huntington Banks Student loans helps them manage their college bills with grace. There are various advantages that makes this case stronger. The Huntington Banks usually operate as an online bank and so it includes online application to make it easier for students to apply. With that, the Huntington Banks Student Loans comes with various flexible rates. These flexible rates are open for adjustment according to the borrower’s case. You have the option of paying back your loan weekly or monthly as well.

huntington branch

The Huntington Banks student loans allow students to have an upside. This includes giving them the freedom to adjust the time of the loan period. This means that they can pick the time of the return period to begin after they graduate from college. During their college years, students do not have t worry about returning the applied amount. This makes Huntington Banks Student loans cater to the comfort of its customers.

As a student, there are two types of student loans you can get; private or public loans. The public loans are offered through government facilities and the terms are easier. The rates of APR are lower and the loan covers your entire college fee. The payment method can be fixed or adjusted later on.

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Whereas, private loans are like college financing. Various private lenders provide loans to students through the bank. The APR are high but the payback duration is stretched. With that they cover all your college expenses.

Personal Loans For Students With Bad Credit: What to Do

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When it comes down to personal loans, most of us opt for unsecured personal loans due to low added risk. However, these unsecured personal loans require high credit scores. So, what if you are a student in need of personal loans but your bad credit score is limiting your options. There is always a way that you should find out before giving up on life. So, we will be talking about personal loans for students with bad credit.

How to: Personal loans for students with bad credit

Bad credits do not mean that such students can never get a loan when they are in need. It simply means that while there are options, you will have to pay a higher APR and loan fees due to your credit standings. So, you should always be careful when you consider the options for personal loans for students with bad credits.

Options of personal loans for students with bad credit

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If as a student, you are unable to qualify for unsecured type; you have the option of applying for a secured personal loan. It is easier to get approval, when compared but you should have a collateral to put up in case you fail to make total payment upon a due date.

If not that, you can opt for credit union personal loans. These come from non-profit institutions and they offer various products that will help you improve your financial situation. While they help you improve your credit situation, they also come with relaxed borrowing standards. You can then have a wider credit background especially if you have a bad credit background. These can include second chance personal loans and/or credit builder personal loans as well.

Another type of personal loans for students with bad credit comes in the form of online personal loans.  If you have poor credit, you can opt for talking with online lenders. Many customers apply for Avant personal loans and their clients have a minimum of 600 to 700 credit score, however. Still this company is known for approving loans for people with bad credits as well.

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Your options are not limited, so you should look for chances. You just might find a way to improve your financial standing as well.

Benefit from the Option for Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

What is a Student Loan?

Now there are several types of loans which exist and one of these is student loans. A student loan is a specialized loan from a bank which lets students pay for their higher education at college or university. Like all other loans, the amount borrowed is paid back to the lending institution in installments as specified in the contract as well as the interest that applies to the loan. So now you are wondering what is a Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction.

What is a Tax Deduction?

Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Filing your taxes is one of the most stressful things possible and a lot of people do not even know much about this process. One of the things which you can benefit from with filing your income tax returns is the tax deductions you can file for which helps you save money. One of these is the Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction. If you have a student loan that you are paying off a certain amount of your income is exempted from income tax hence you are going to benefit and save some money if you do this properly!

 Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Basically, the interest you pay on a student loan which was taken out for paying off expenses on a post secondary education is what Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction applies to. During the fiscal year, the amount can be lesser than $2,500 or the exact amount in interest which was paid on the student loan. To apply for Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction, the loan has to be taken out by the student personally in their own name and should not be part of any study-work program or any other type of scheme. With the eligibility of Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction, the amount of interest you have paid for your student loan is deducted from your entire income for the year and thus the taxed income is the amount you get after you factor in and subtract the interest you have paid on your student loan in that year. A lot of people have no idea bout  Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction and thus should learn more about it to save money!

SunTrust Student Loans and Why You Should Be Applying

SunTrust Student Loans

The SunTrust student loans are a good option for students with a good credit score who have run out of their federal aid and require additional financial assistance to help manage their expenses. The bank offers many opportunities to lower interest rates including a 0.5% reduction for those who allow the bank to automatically deduct the payment from their bank on a monthly basis.

Qualification Requirements for the SunTrust Student Loans

All private lenders look for excellent credit scores in their student borrowers. An individual needs to have a credit score of at least 650 to be eligible for the SunTrust student loans. This minimum requirement is arbitrary as the bank has never disclosed however, a survey of approved applicants suggests so.

In addition to the credit score the payment history, existing debts, current semester and other factors are also taken into account for the SunTrust Student Loans. The loan is available to residents of all states except Wisconsin and Iowa. Once the application has been submitted, the status immediately changes to approved or rejected so you can continue selecting the repayment terms.

SunTrust Student Loans

Repayment Terms Available for SunTrust Student Loans

There are several flexible options available to borrowers depending on their monthly income, current financial status and years to graduation.

Immediate: Repay the total amount including the capital within 30 to 60 days after receiving the final loan payment. This option is great for those who want to save up on interest.

Interest-only: You can choose to only pay the interest on the principal amount each month however, the amount you have originally borrowed will remain the same.

Partial Interest: If the SunTrust student loans are up to at least $5,000 then you can pay a flat fee of $25 per month and add the remaining interest amount to the principal balance. It is cheaper in the short-run but the monthly payments increase with time.

Full Deferment: The payments can be deferred until you graduate from college and there is an additional grace period of 6 months. However, all unpaid interest is capitalized.

SunTrust Student Loans

Student Loan Application Guide for Ambitious Scholars

Student Loan Application

If you are still a high school student or just starting out at a college then you should consider applying for a student loan to help cover the expensive tuition fee. Most students filling out a student loan application for the first time make many mistakes and errors that could affect their chances of approval. Many also believe that filling out the application is a long and cumbersome process which discourages them from even trying.

The truth of the matter is that the student loan application is nothing to be afraid of and by just following a few simple guidelines anyone can successfully complete their application.

Information Required in the Student Loan Application

Private lenders require a lot of personal and financial background information before they lend out the money. They usually ask social security numbers, monthly family income and value of all other assets.

In the student loan application, you are supposed to explicitly state how much money you want to borrow. To determine this amount it is recommended that you add expenses for books and boarding to the tuition fee. If a student has already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA for short then they will know how much yearly contributions are required to be made on their behalf. The school lets them know in written form the total annual expenses which includes all data required to complete a student loan application.

student loan application

Most of the student loan application forms are available online and the student can switch between different tabs when they are filling them out. When you are entering information in the application form, care must be taken to ensure all data is factual.

After the student loan application has been submitted, the lenders review it and decide whether or not the student qualifies for a loan. Once the application is approved the terms of the loan i.e. the duration and monthly payments are sent to the student which they should carefully go through.
student loan application