Best Renters Insurance To Help You Through

renters insurance


There are various types of insurances that you can apply for. The purpose of all these types of insurance is the same; to keep you protected in times of need. So, if you have not had the chance of applying for an insurance, you should start looking through various plans. One types of insurance is known as renters insurance. Renters insurance basically is a policy that gives you some of the similar benefits as homeowner’s insurance but it excludes any coverage for the structure, dwelling and so on. Instead it includes an exception for small alterations of your renting residence. Still, it will help you a lot if you apply for the best Renters insurance options.

Best Renters Insurance

In order to make sure you make the right choice, you should always compare various renters insurance policies. You might think they are all very similar but there is always a catch and there is always a limit. So, you should opt for some of the best Renters insurance companies. We can list down a few for you:

renters insurance

  • One of the Best Renters Insurance is Erie Insurance. If you are a tenant who is least concerned about the costs and the convenience and you are more interested in the experience, this company will suit you the best. This global company allows you to analyse customer experience and has also won an award for Overall Satisfaction.
  • One of the best Renters insurance also includes State Farm if you are looking for cheap renters insurance. Now, you cannot always invest in something costly for a long term. So, in order to get the best perks at lower prices, you can opt for State Farm. This is one of the largest renters insurance company in USA.
  • Then you can also look at Allstate Renters Insurance if you are technology advanced and enjoy such services. This includes being comfortable with technological use and filing all your claims online. So those of you who enjoy digital mobile experience, this is your best renters insurance option.

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To sum up, its not hard to find the best Renters Insurance for yourself. Just weigh the benefits against the negatives and you will be good to go!

Best Home Insurance Companies In California That You Must Know

Home Insurance

California is one of the states of America where insurance is known for being pricey. However, the California home insurance market is known for being one of the largest in the United States of America. It has about fifty home insurance companies that compete each day to attract customers. Due to a higher number of insurance companies, the home insurance rates have gone down despite how expensive the housing market is in California. So, you can get an average premium of about $55 per month. While you have a lot of options, the question remains the same: What are the best home insurance companies in California?

Best Home Insurance companies in California

So, one of the best home insurance companies in California goes by the name of State Farm. If you are unsure about which home insurance company to opt for, State Farm is your sold option. Because insurance company has policies that can cover about any type of home situation. This makes it ideal for California’s diverse state. What else makes it one of the best home insurance companies in California is the discounts and the wide range of discounts you can get. You can even avail them on safety item installations.

Best Home Insurance Companies In California

The second from our list of the best home insurance companies in California is Mercury. Mercury Insurance originated in California and they are known well for their ability for assessing specific and unique needs of the residents in California. The company has its offices and agents all over California and offers discounts as well as competitive pricings for home insurance.

The third best of the best home insurance companies in California is Travelers Insurance. This insurance company has been around us for about a hundred years from now. This makes it the most experienced home insurance company in California. It helps residents cover for landslide, flood, earthquake damages and so on. You can get your home certified as ‘green’ to get 5% of discount when you reduce energy bills and so on.

Best Home Insurance Companies In California

Lastly, we have Nationwide. This company is known for its customer satisfaction. Along with that, it provides you protection against damages caused by natural disasters and so on.

Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction From Tax Returns

Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction From Tax Returns

Mortgage insurance premiums are subject to increase and they can greatly affect the monthly budget. The average premium is between $100-200 per month. However, you can be eligible for a mortgage insurance premium deduction at the end of the tax year.

What is Mortgage Insurance?

A lender usually asks for a private mortgage insurance as a guarantee in case the borrower defaults on repayment.  The insurance amount has to be paid by buyers that cannot put 20 percent as down payment. The insurance policy is issued by private companies and they are the ones eligible for the mortgage insurance premium deduction.

Which Loans Qualify?

Only loans that have been taken after January 1st 2007 are eligible for the mortgage insurance premium deduction. The insurance policy should be bought to pay off the home acquisition debt or the cost of a second home. The home acquisition debts are those whose proceeds are used to buy a new house or remodel a previously owned residence.

The second house should not be rented out and must only be for personal use such as a holiday home. There is still a chance of qualifying for a mortgage insurance premium deduction even if you use the second home for income-generating purposes. However, those who have taken out home equity loans or cash-out refinances cannot apply for the mortgage insurance premium deduction. Only refinance loans that are up to the original mortgage amount are included.

Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction From Tax Returns

Limitations on Income

You cannot claim the mortgage insurance premium deduction if your gross income is exceeding $109,000 for a single individual or $54,500 for a married individual filing their tax returns separately. The deduction phases out for lower income limits so you have to subtract 10 percent of every thousand dollars exceeding the minimum amount.

Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction From Tax Returns

How to Claim the Deduction

The premiums paid on mortgage insurances are reported on the Form 1098. This can be taken from the lender at the end of the tax year and completed according to your profile. There is no limit on the amount of deduction that can be claimed.