Car Insurance Companies In the US- State Wise: To Help You Out


If you are shopping for car insurance, you should find out the cheapest and expensive car insurance companies in the US- state wise. Luckily, we will be making it easy for you. So, without any delay we are going to begin with our list of car insurance companies in the US- state wise.

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Car Insurance Companies in the US- State Wise

If you live in Michigan, US you will see that this state is mainly dominated by very expensive insurance companies. The average premium per year that you can get in Michigan is $2,394. Which is about 82% higher than the nation’s average amount. The insurance is high because many companies in this state offer you a no fault car insurance system.

Those living in Louisiana will also be experiencing one of the most expensive insurance companies. Because, the state itself is expensive. The annual premium you get in Louisiana is about 46% higher than the average of nation. This means that the average quote is worth $1,921.

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Moving on with the car insurance companies in the US- state wise, we have Connecticut. Here the average premium that you can find is still high. It’s worth $1,897 per year and it makes it about 44% higher than the average quote of the whole nation. This is mainly due to the large density of vehicles on the road in the Nutmeg State.

Let’s look at cheaper car insurance companies in US- state wise then. Now if you are living in Maine, you are in luck. Because Maine is mostly rural and quiet, the car insurance premiums here are very cheap. There are no metro areas that are congested and so the average annual premium you get in Maine is worth $864. This makes its 34% less than the national average quotes.

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Similarly, Ohio offers you about 250 insurance companies. Most of them offer an average annual premium of $919. This makes the sum 30 percent less than the national average. Lastly, we have Idaho. Here the average premium is $942 (29% less than the national average).

Make sure you get the estimates of your state through a review of car insurance companies in US- state wise to make the best choices.

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