How Reverse Mortgage in California Works

Reverse Mortgage in California

If you’re new to the topic of reverse mortgage in California, but wish to proceed ahead with it, then firstly you should know what reverse mortgage is. In simple terms, reverse mortgage is a financial agreement in which a homeowner relinquishes equity in their home, in exchange for regular payments. So, if you are looking into reverse mortgage in California, then here are a few things you need to know before making any attempts at it.

Mortgage in California Works

How a Reverse Mortgage in California Works

Only individuals who are at least 62 years old and have equity in their home are eligible to take advantage of a reverse mortgage in California. The house does not have to be completely paid off to take out a reverse mortgage, and the homeowner does not need to give up the title of the house. A reverse mortgage gives the lender a sum of tax-free money from their existing home equity. As with any loan, the borrower may be responsible for paying some fees and closing costs when they take out a reverse mortgage.

While drawing on a reverse mortgage in California, the borrower still needs to pay normal property taxes and insurance on the home. Unlike a traditional loan, the interest is not due on a reverse mortgage until the borrower sells or moves out of the home. If the borrower passes away before the reverse mortgage is paid off, the lender will be repaid from the remaining value of the estate. The debt will not be passed on to heirs, and other assets will not be affected.

Reverse Mortgage in California Works


Types of Reverse Mortgages

  • FHA-insured mortgage: A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) product.
  • Lender- or privately-insured mortgages: These are known as “proprietary” products, but such products are not currently available.
  • Uninsured mortgage products offered by a financial institution or a licensed lender: Again, proprietary products are currently not available.

Reverse Mortgage in California

Regular mortgages can be difficult to understand with all of the taxes and interest over lifetime of the loan. Those in the older demographic might have trouble understanding all the facets of a reverse mortgage in California. Under California law it is required that the lender provides a list of counselors that are nonprofit to discuss the risks and details of a reverse mortgage.

The lender actually is not allowed to accept a finished reverse mortgage application without the borrower acknowledging that they have received counseling. This has helped reduce cases of misunderstanding as well as family of the borrower saying that the lender took advantage of them. In January of 2015 California amended this to change the previous checklist provided to be replaced with a worksheet. This worksheet would go over certain scenarios like what happens after dying with a reverse mortgage or what might happen if you suddenly have to move out.

California also requires a seven-day cool off period from the time the reverse mortgage counseling is completed before any cost can be occurred by a borrower such as ordering the appraisal.

Get a Home Improvement Loan to Make your House the Home of your Dreams!

home improvement loan

Home Improvement Loan

home improvement loan

A lot of people are considering making changes to their house; this can either be repairs which the house is in dire need of or just renovation to make your living space better and more in line with your personal taste.

Whatever the reason may be, the end conclusion is that you want to make improvements to your home which is why you have found yourself in need of a loan. And thankfully there are tons of options in the market these days in regards to Home Improvement Loan and thus you have your pick. Now you can choose a Home Improvement Loan which is specific to your needs and suits them.

Specifics about Home Improvement Loan

loan for making improvement in home

If you want to look into getting a Home Improvement Loan, then you will find there are various options you can consider. A lot of banks and other lending institutions offer the option of taking out a Home Improvement Loan. Really, the conditions of your loan will depend on the kind of loan you want; what the repairs or additions to your home are, how much money you will require and a few other details.

The benefit of a Home Improvement Loan can be that your house will not be kept as collateral for the loan and it will be a sort of personal loan and not involve any of your assets being kept as collateral by the bank.

How to Get a Home Improvement Loan

loan approved

Getting a Home Improvement Loan is pretty easy. All you need to do is visit your bank or any other institution which gives out loans and talk to them about your personal requirements and how much money you need to borrow for you to be able to make the changes to your home.

The lender will look at your credit history, credit rating and a few other details to verify what kind of a borrower you are including your monthly income and expenses. Once all of these details check out you will be deemed eligible for the loan and can work out the specifics of the agreement with the lender.

Home Mortgages Interest Deduction – How to Claim & Benefit from Them

Home Mortgages Interest Deduction

When you buy your own home, what is the biggest advantage? Having a roof over your head and a place where you can always be safe, right? But, there is another thing that you may not have considered; all the tax perks you can get. What perks are we talking about? Home mortgages interest deduction. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

mortgage loan

What Home Mortgages Interest Deduction Is

Home mortgages interest deduction is a term that refers to the tax deductible interest on your home mortgage. What that means is that taxpayers with their own homes are eligible to deduct their tax according to the interest they pay on their home mortgage loan. You can easily claim home mortgages interest deduction if you are a homeowner with a home mortgage loan. How? Read on below.

tax deduction

Claiming Home Mortgages Interest Deduction

If you want to claim home mortgages interest deduction, you start with the Form 1040, Schedule A. You have to itemize your deductions on this form, which means you will not be going the usual route of standard deductions. You have to choose between the two. If you think that’s not worth your time, you may want to consider the fact that Schedule A has other deductible expenses as well, all of which can amount to more than the standard deduction. However, you can complete both your standard deductions and Schedule A and compare them to see which benefits you more as a whole.

Do You Qualify for Home Mortgages Interest Deduction or Not?

Home mortgages interest deductions have specific eligibility criteria which you must be aware of before claiming it. At the moment, mortgage interest includes the amount you pay on loan taken for buying a home, on construction loans, and on home equity lines of credit. You can only claim home mortgages interest deduction on your main and/or second home, not on any more homes you may own. The loan must be in your name and must be a legally binding. Furthermore, the security for the loan must be your own home. There are no restrictions to the kind of home you have; according to Internal Revenue Service, it can be any kind of property with “sleeping, cooking and toilet facilities”.

Franklin American Mortgage: Here to make your life easy

Franklin American Mortgage

Franklin American Mortgage Company, established in 1993 and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, is a home loan loaning organization represent considerable authority in customization rate, settled rate, home value, intrigue just, and kind sized credits.

franklin american

Starts at Franklin American Mortgage

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) gathers investigates all home loans started by this company. In 2013, the latest year in the CFPB database, the home loan moneylender revealed the accompanying figures:

  • Add up to Originations: $5,731,400,000
  • Increase the Applications Received: 114,000
  • Add up to Applications Originated: 29,000
  • Normal Mortgage Size: $197,600

The greater part of the credits started with Franklin American Mortgage Company were utilized for a home buy.

Franklin American Mortgage Company Overview

it all begins with home

Franklin American Mortgage Company Inc., a home loan managing an account organization, gives private home loan advances to shoppers and home loan experts all through the United States. It offers private home loan advances to people; supports and endorses advances for contract intermediaries; and gives reporter loaning projects to benefit little to extensive banks. Franklin American Mortgage Company Inc. was once in the past known as Merchants Home Mortgage Corporation and changed its name to Franklin American Mortgage Company Inc. in July 1994. The organization was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee with local workplaces in Marlton, New Jersey; Irving, Texas; Concord, California; and Middleton, Massachusetts. It likewise has a provincial tasks focus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why to choose it?

  • Customized benefit
  • Work with an accomplished advance officer to give benefit customized to your requirements and to help control you through the procedure.
  • Spare time in guaranteeing
  • The larger part of our standard mortgages are qualified for our QuickClose sped up endorsing pre-endorsement program
  • Less shocks at shutting
  • Most shutting records conveyed inside five days before shutting.

Embrace Home Loans: Know All About Them!

Embrace Home Loans


Life is too short to give up on your dreams. If it were your dream to have a nice home at your age, you might find your options limited due to your finances. But, today’s world brings to you a perfect solution: Home loans. Home loans are basically mortgage loans that you can apply for either as a purchaser of real estate property or you can opt for this loan as a property owner to increase your funds for any chosen purpose. Talking about home loans then, we should mention Embrace Home Loans and find out more about this reliable company.

family picture

Embrace Home Loans

Embrace Home loans was discovered back in 1983. This company is a direct lender that is associated with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Embrace Home loans has constantly remained a very visible leader in its chosen industry. With its increasing success, Embrace home loans has helped hundreds and thousands of people and their families with their dream of purchasing their own home, decrease their monthly rent payments and debt consolidation. Embrace Home loans now has about eighty and above houses in the forty-six states of United States of America.

Embrace Home Loans Contact

In order to find more about Embrace home loans, you should visit and search their website for relevant information. If you wish to contact them otherwise, you can contact their agent Mallory Wilkerson at 678-781-3076. You will be provided with all the relevant information and help that you require!

approved to move

What’s new?

The company has a new application process. It has no opened online application that helps borrowers apply for loans from their houses. Now, if a borrower is unable to visit their office, they can simply talk to them through their website and get all the details about the home loan application process. This application was previously under development and now it is available and fully functional for use. You can even chat with a loan officer and see which loan package suits you best. Their home loans will not let you down. You can trust on this reliable and popular company to help you through your tough times. The interest rates and return policies are relaxed as well.

How Much Home Mortgage Can I Afford?

mortgage image

There are various goals that we wish to reach by a certain age with certain qualifications. Having your own house and enjoying its comfort is one such goal of most of us not just in United States of America but all over the world. In United States of America, this dream makes mortgages one of the most popular types of loans. Most Americans are unable to afford private property due to the increase in prices. However, if you meet the set criteria, it is not harmful in anyway to apply for a good mortgage deal. But before you do that, let us help you will answering “How much home mortgage can I afford?” in this article!

How much home mortgage can I afford: Mortgages

If you are not familiar with this term, we will explain it to you before you teach you how to answer “how much home mortgage can I afford?”. Basically, mortgages are loans that are given to you by various companies or banks. What makes it different than other loans is that this loan can only be used for one purpose: Purchasing a house. Once you make the purchase, your loan period begins and you are expected to make certain payments over a certain time  with fixed or adjustable rates. Let’s determine “how much home mortgage can I afford?”.

How much home mortgage can I afford: The affordability

When answering “How much home mortgage can I afford?”, you should know that there are various calculators for this purpose. In general, if you wish to calculate your affordability range, you should take some items in account: The income, the monthly debts you have if you have any, the savings you have for the down payment. After that, as a buyer it is important to understand your monthly mortgage payments as well. This means that your debts and income can be stable but you just might not have overall savings to buy your own house. From these savings, you should also make divisions: The down payment, extra bills and the furniture expenditure and so on.

A good rule to follow when considering “How much home mortgage can I afford?” is that you should have about three months’ worth of payments which includes your monthly expenses in reserve mode. This is help you during unexpected periods.

How You Can Calculate Mortgage Amortization

Mortgage is a debt instrument that a borrower is obligated to pay back within a predetermined period and a predetermined number of payments. Whereas, amortization is the process of paying off a debt over the period of time. There are several ways in which you can calculate the monthly payments of your loan. First option is that you can calculate it manually by directly applying the formula. In short, the formula is such that the ‘monthly payment is equal to the principal amount into monthly interest divided by one minus monthly interest over the negative amount of number of months’.

The second option is that you can use the help of a spreadsheet or Excel. The third option is to use the online mortgage amortization calculators. This calculator generates an amortization schedule. Mortgage amortization schedule is a table containing details of the periodic payment on the mortgage.

Why Mortgage Amortization Calculator Matters?

It is always a smart move to know your expenses beforehand. Therefore, you should know what it will take for you to pay back the mortgage or loan. Choosing a right credit is important and moreover, keeping the track of your amortizations is even more important. It determines your credit worthiness in the future and gives you the ability to plan your repayments. Hence, mortgage amortization calculator becomes a necessity for you.

How to use the Mortgage Amortization Calculator?

The mortgage amortization calculator is also known as the amortization schedule calculator. As mentioned above, it will let you estimate your monthly loan repayments over the period of your predetermined pay back duration. To calculate your amortization, you will only need these details:

  • Loan Amount. The total amount of mortgage.
  • Loan Term. This is the total payback period, e.g. 10 years.
  • Interest rate. This is the percentage mortgage rate.
  • Start Date. The starting date of your mortgage period.

Just enter these things in the amortization calculator and avoid all the hectic work of trying to use the amortization formula by yourself or trying to figure out a way to use Excel for this purpose.


All about Home equity line of Credit

Are you wondering what Home equity line of Credit means? Or do you want to know whether you are eligible for it? If so then you have come to the right place for this is the article for you. Home equity line of Credit is basically a loan that you can take but the security for it is your house, which works as a collateral for the money you borrow. This is pretty much like a second mortgage. Home equity line of Credit also known as HELOC can be taken for several reasons. Whether you have to pay for an education, a special event, consolidate your high interest debts, purchase a new vehicle etc.

How Home equity line of Credit differs from other loans

Home equity line of credit mainly differs from other loans because you use your house as a security in it. The other main feature of Home equity line of Credit is that this sort of loan is not paid to you as a lump sum directly. Instead a line of credit is established and you can take the money periodically as required. There is a ‘draw period’ given in which you can borrow the money after which you need to pay the loan back with interest in the decided time.

How does Home equity line of Credit work

The money you borrow through the Home equity line of Credit depends on the difference between debt secure by the house you are putting on mortgage and the current value of that house. Hence HELOC can be used if you are not eligible for a personal loan. This works like a credit card once your HELOC is approved you can withdraw the amount of money you require within a given period of time and you only have to pay interest on the money that you withdraw.

The line of credit is divided in to two time periods:

  1. A period to draw funds
  2. The period to repay funds

Equity rates can vary, if you are looking for the current HELOC rates then you should refer to the Wall Street Journal. For further information check out the links below.

Further links


Applying for a Mortgage for People with Bad Credit

Mortgage for People with Bad Credit

Always wanted to own a house but unable to meet the financial requirements? Can’t ask your family or friends for help? Well, there is one way for you to get the money you need without turning to the people in your life; by turning to a bank. You can get your own home through home mortgages that a lot of banks offer. However, there’s a catch; you need to have a good enough credit to be eligible for a mortgage. Don’t have that? Don’t worry just yet; there are options that make mortgage for people with bad credit possible.

What is Bad Credit?

Bad credit can be caused by a lot of things; you may have missed payments, such as credit card payments, you may have received a County Court Judgment, or you have gone through bankruptcy. All these things can lead you to have a bad credit, which will make lenders wary of giving you any kind of loan or mortgage.

Mortgage for people with bad credit may be approved at times, but it will mean higher interest rates as well as higher mortgage fees. Why? Because there are far less options when it comes to mortgage for people with bad credit as compared to those for people who have good credit. Nevertheless, you can still find some lenders who are willing to give a chance to people with bad credit scores.

Applying for Mortgage for People with Bad Credit

If you don’t have a good credit score and you want to apply for a mortgage for people with bad credit, you will just have a harder time at it. Firstly, your lender will ask for a lot more bank statements and payments slips than usual because they need to be sure you can afford the mortgage payments. You will also be expected to explain your past credit problems; minor credit problems may not be an issue, but a recent County Court Judgment or bankruptcy may cause problems. You might have to wait until the bankruptcy is removed from your credit score, which can take up to six years.

The best way to get mortgage for people with bad credit is to improve your finances and your credit score. You could also save for a bigger deposit, get help from your family, get a guarantor, or speak to an advisor to increase your chances of being accept for a mortgage for people with bad credit.

Home Line of Credit Calculator for Local Home Owners

Home Line of Credit Calculator

A home line of credit calculator can be a lifesaver for those who want to manage their expenditure and find out their budget for future spending. The home equity line of credit is similar to the traditional home loan which you can use as you please. You can borrow as the need arises, however, the home line of credit calculator lets you know the maximum limit of your withdrawal.

Before you apply for a home equity line of credit it is recommended that you use the home line of credit calculator to figure out whether opening up one would be feasible or not.

Home Line of Credit Calculator for Local Home Owners

Contact a Professional

You can have the value of your home determined by a lender. The size of the line of credit depends on the market value of the home. The professionals can use their own home line of credit calculator to find out the amount for you. But be prepared to pay an appraisal fee for the services because some appraisers charge for the full appraisal. You can select the firm you want to apprise by yourself or have the lenders appoint one for you.

Home Equity Line of Credit Calculator

Find Out the Terms and Conditions

You should be informed on all the terms of the home line of credit before using the home line of credit calculator. Lenders often establish a maximum percentage of the appraised value and do not lend an amount greater than that. Usually, it is set at 75 to 80 percent but there are some that can lend up to 100 percent of the value.

This does not mean that you should assume the maximum possible amount for your home line of credit. Lenders will also look at your personal income, credit record and any existing debts.

Subtract the Outstanding Mortgage Balance

The home line of credit calculator does not take into account any pending mortgage payments. When you calculate the amount you should subtract the mortgage loan you have already received because you will only receive the balance of the payment.

Home Line of Credit Calculator for Local Home Owners

Home Line of Credit Calculator Available Online